Cumbria’s Biggest Tree

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The Grand fir (Abies grandis), which stands at a lofty 57.8 metres (190ft), has been confirmed as the tallest by officials from the Tree Register, the organisation which keeps a record of the UK’s most significant specimens. The tree was planted as part of Wansfell Holme country estate arboretum, now known as Skelghyll Woods, in Ambleside.







At 57.8m or 189.6ft, the Skelghyll Grand Fir is higher than Nelson’s Column – which measures 51.59m – and taller than a dozen double decker buses stacked on top of each other. The tree was measured by sending a climber to the top with a tape measure. Check out the climbing below!

In its native region north west of North America the tree has been known to grow up to 85 meters tall but in the UK normally reaches 60 meters.The collection of trees within which the Grand fir can be found is impressive indeed. A narrow path runs parallel to the bottom of the wood and it would be possible to walk on by without realising the trees true significance. Glancing up through the wood with a keen eye you would soon see the sheer magnificence and size of the trees. Not only the grand fir, but other exotic conifers, ranging from Giant redwood’s to Douglas firs and western red cedars.

The trees of Skelghyll woods